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Artisans of fine finishes

Quietly crafting marine finishes of exceptional integrity and lasting value on Seattle’s Lake Union since 1987.
The Level Sky Brightwork team consists of reliable, creative and motivated craftsmen who enjoy fashioning finishes of lasting beauty and value.  The dedicated core of our current team share over 80 years of finishing experience among them, which is thoughtfully passed on to newer members of the crew.  While our roots began in classic wooden boat restoration, over the past 30 years we have expanded into coating the wooden surfaces on yachts of all description.

At Level Sky Brightwork, we welcome owner input and feedback while we work on your yacht and view each project as a collaborative partnership.  We know it’s your boat and we want what you want.  We frequently send progress reports and photos, and always welcome your visits to the boathouse. If necessary to reach our goal, we will operate six days a week to make our deadline—and do it without sacrificing quality. We appreciate and understand that the value of our customers’ boating experience is directly related to the number of days they spend out on the water!

Level Sky Brightwork accomplishes its superb varnishing and painting services in its 105 foot large loft boathouse located on Seattle’s Lake Union.  This clean and modern facility is solely dedicated to yacht refinishing and is fully equipped to do the job with the best and newest tools while employing the latest refinishing techniques. Although our covered facility allows projects to be completed within a predictable time frame, if our client prefers we also work offsite in many of Seattle’s local marinas.

Who We Are

A dedicated team of artisans operating two of Lake Union’s finest floating boathouses, Level Sky is uniquely equipped to meet the needs of any boat year-round.


Classic Yacht Varnishing and Painting
Long Term Varnish Maintenance Programs
Large Scale Restorations
Interior and Exterior refinishing
Repairs and Refinishing: On location or in our state of the art boathouses located on Seattle’s Lake Union.
Teak Deck Maintenance and repair


With well over 80 years of institutional knowledge, our dedication to craft is ongoing and reflected in the finishes we create.


Integrity starts with a humble dedication to our craft and our clients. Level Sky views every project as an opportunity to create a long term relationship, and we enthusiastically understand that means collaborating with mutual respect to achieve our shared goals.